Corporate taxation

The firm provides tax advice to companies and other types of legal entities from the various business sectors, for the proper interpretation and application of tax provisions at the federal level, and for the optimal alignment of the their tax, financial and corporate situations.

The object of our consulting and advice may range from support fro clients in the correct application of rules by reason of their day-to-day operations, to that required for corporate restructuring, strategic operations, investment structures and strategic alliances, with an elevated legal, financial or commercial complexity, including designing and structuring investor relationships, among others. To this effect, we seek to achieve the required ind-depth analysis and the simplification necessary to solve the complex problems that arise in the Mexican tax environment.

The firm participates in the representation of taxpayer interests in the application for authorizations to apply specific tax regimes, confirmation of taxpayer criteria and corporate restructuring benefits, as well as in collaboration with the tax authorities in the creation of administrative rules or tax criteria, for the benefit of the various sectors and their needs.

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