Tax and administrative controversy

The conduct of business and operations, as well as the relationship of taxpayers with the authorities, require predictability and legal certainty.

The audit environment has generated the need for taxpayers to count on professional accompaniment  during the various administrative stages of audits, in order to reduce or even avoid contingencies subject to controversy or tax litigation.

Our firm’s involvement in the various stages of the audit procedures related with the verification of taxpayer’s tax compliance obligations implies an active participation from start to finish, as well as when necessary in the implementation of conclusive agreements before the Taxpayers Advocacy Agency (PRODECON).

The tax litigation environment in Mexico has changed significantly in the last 10 to 15 years, and currently demands a high degree of specialization in difference aspects of tax litigation and involves a detailed understanding and presentation of the tax position of each contesting taxpayer. In this context our firm has generated broad and interdisciplinary experience in the design and successful implementation of defense strategies, as well as in the representation during administrative processes before the authorities and jurisdictional processes before the competent courts.

The services provided by our tax litigation area include the resolution of conflicts arising from the application of federal and local tax laws through ordinary and/or constitutional means of defense (amparo process).

As a service linked to the area of tax litigation, our administrative litigation practice has developed as a response to the creation of various legal and regulatory provisions, aimed at establishing greater burdens for companies.

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