Mergers and acquisitions

In the corporate context it is common to carry out corporate or share reorganizations or the transfer of capital to third parties; such reorganizations and/or transfers may adopt a very large variety of forms of legal implementation each of which may generate different tax consequences.

We analyze the business elements, such as strategic and operational, under a legal-fiscal perspective so that the operations are carried out according to the objectives of the investors and always within the framework of legality.

The range of operations in which the firm advises legally and fiscally is varied, among others: mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, purchase and sale of shares, assignments of economic or patrimonial rights, etc.

Our experience encompasses tax advice from any perspective of the participants in these types of operations: such as seller, buyer, exiting partners and the companies in respect of which such reorganizations or transfers occur.

These operations may contain international elements in which case it is feasible to interact with other firms with which our clients work or with whom we have professional relationships in various jurisdictions.

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