Financial institutions - Securities and financial products

The firm has provided highly successful advisory services, as well as dispute resolution services (with special emphasis on tax litigation) to all types of financial institutions around their particular regimes, projects and products, including those who receive their financing services.

We advise clients in public and private offerings of shares and debt securities, made in Mexico and abroad, representing both issuing companies and placement agents.

Our firm has accumulated experience for consulting related to the determination of tax consequences of “outright” financial operations and derivative financial operations, such as: swaps, hedges, options (including executive option plans), etc.

In addition, we have participated in advising on the tax consequences of derivative financial operations used as collateral in financing (“credit default swaps”, “total return swaps”, etc.), in the restructuring of liabilities derived from securities placed both in Mexico and abroad and the implications in the use of hybrid instruments and their effects for holders and issuers, including the application of anti-abuse rules issued under BEPS.

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